'Believe me, honey, I've never been afraid of a little gas.'

‘Not advisable for a tourist to visit the canals at night.’

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Fascinating for a Deus Ex geek in the daytime though. Disappointingly I didn’t see Wan Chai market itself, but following on from the last post here are some other photos of Deus Ex-ish locations around Wan Chai in Hong Kong.

Wan Chai police station.

A touch bigger than the game version.

More beyond the click …

Up the road from the police station, wonderfully, was a little newsstand.

Up that way you come to Canal Road, which leads into the cross-harbour tunnel. That's the collapsed bit in Deus Ex, where the scientists were eaten by karkians.

A familiar name. Behind this sign lives a Porsche dealership.

Looking south down Tonnochy Road.

King's Hotel, next door to Kwan Chart Tower, in a similar place to Queen's Tower (Maggie's residence) in the game.

Queen's Tower in DX was at 1313 Tonnochi Road, so this green sign near Kwan Chart Tower was a small thrill. Not quite right, or the right road, but don't let details get in the way.

On the opposite side of Tonnochy are these apartments, right where Jock's is in the game.

Up a side street. Club Tonnochy is on the corner.

Probably the most DXish of the lot. This alleyway leads up the side of Kwan Chart Tower to some elevators at the back, just like the game. Note the security camera down the end, in about the right place too.


Written by John Pike

27 June 2010 at 12:00 pm

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